FREE: Contraption Maker (PC/Mac Game) License Key for FREE!

Contraption Maker is FREE this weekend!  Now is the time to play and join in on all of the mind boggling fun.  Just enter your email and we will send you a game key.

Contraption Maker

Link: Contraption Maker (PC & Mac Game) License Key for FREE

Once you get your license key, you can download it by clicking on the links in the email. [Windows] or [OS X]

The game is regularly $9.99!

FREE: Contraption Maker (PC & Mac Game) License Key for FREE!

Q: How do I get Contraption Maker for free?

A: Enter your email address below, and we will generate and send you a registration key. This is just so we can send you a key. You will not be signed up for our newsletter.

Q: That sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

A: There is no catch. This is just a special weekend promotion.

Q: Can I play for free after this weekend?

A: As long as you register this weekend, you will own the game forever. Even after the promotion is over.

Q: Will this key work on Steam?

A: No, this is NOT A STEAM KEY. This is for our off-Steam version of the game.

Q: Alright I got the game, what now?

A: Start making contraptions! If you need some help, go check out our getting started wiki and our Contraption Maker School video series. You’ll be a professional maker in no time.

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