Humble Bundle: Humble Square Enix 2 Bundle (PC Digital Download)

Humble Bundle is offering their Humble Square Enix 2 Bundle (PC Digital Download) for the Price of Your Choice (name your own price).

Humble Square Enix 2 Bundle

Link: Humble Square Enix 2 Bundle (PC Digital Download)

Note: Minimum price of Steam Keys is $1.

Minimum price of $1 includes:

  • Hitman: Absolution
  • Supreme Commander 2
  • Hitman GO

If you pay more than the average price (currently $7.19) you also unlock:

  • Thief
  • Murdered: Soul Suspect
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Director’s Cut)

If you pay a minimum of $15 you also unlock:

  • Tomb Raider
  • Sleeping Dogs

Humble Bundle: Humble Square Enix 2 Bundle (PC Digital Download)

Humble Square Enix Bundle 2

The rise of the (Square) Enix! After vanishing into the depths of no-bundle despair, the mighty Square Enix has returned with its second Humble Bundle! Pay $1 or more for Hitman: Absolution, Supreme Commander 2, and Hitman GO. Pay more than the average price, and you also get Thief, Murdered: Soul Suspect, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut. Pay $15 or more, and you get all of that plus Tomb Raider and Sleeping Dogs.

Pay what you want. Ordinarily, these games would cost up to a total of $165, but when you buy through Humble Bundle, you choose the price!

DRM-free and on Steam. Most of these games are available on Steam for Windows. Some are also available on Steam for Mac. Hitman GO is only available DRM-free for Android. Pay $1 or more to get access to Steam keys and Hitman GO. Please check out the full system requirements here prior to purchasing.

Support charity. Choose where your money goes — between the developers and two charitable causes (Make-A-Wish Foundation and GamesAid). If you like this bundle or like what we do, you can leave us a Humble Tip too!

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