FREE: 11th Finger Woodworking Tool

Fastcap is offering a FREE 11th Finger Woodworking Tool! This tool is used for woodworking to keep your fingers safe.


Link: 11th Finger Woodworking Tool for FREE

Welcome to FastCap…innovative products for professional woodworkers. Fill out the information below to receive your 11th Finger totally for FREE… I know it sounds unbelievable! Offer good in the lower 48 states of USA. You can get still get the 11th Finger for free if you are outside of the lower 48, but you have to spend a few penny’s for the shipping. We will not sell or distribute your email address to third parties. For more information, view our privacy policy.

FREE: 11th Finger Woodworking Tool

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  1. As far as Fastcap is concerned, the freebies are a waste of time in my opinion. After you go through the lengthy process of signing up, they can send you an email claiming they didn’t anticipate such a huge response (they do this every so often but never anticipate freebie sites promoting the offers?) and you have to further qualify by telling them the type of powertool you have, etc., to prove you’re a woodworker, etc., and they give you one day to email them this information back. At that point, it’s not even guaranteed you will get one of the free samples since they have to qualify everyone who emails back again. If you complain about having to qualify during round 2 and ask to be removed from the email list, a man named Paul will rudely email you back stating he doesn’t need you or any of the other complaintants who dared ask to be removed after refusing to jump through the Fastcap hoops. This is to me borderline creepy and no way to run an internet business. I can only imagine what would happen if they sent you a defective product and wanted a refund, and how they would treat the customer after this unprofessional behavior otherwise. It’s quite foolish actually, since the internet is riddled with competitors who offer what Fastcap does at much better prices with free shipping.

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