FREE: Really Big Sky (PC Digital Download) Steam Key for FREE!

PC Gamer & Bundle Stars are offering Really Big Sky (PC Digital Download) for FREE when you follow the instructions below.

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Link: We have a million Steam keys for Really Big Sky to give away, with Bundle Stars

  1. Click here.
  2. Scroll down, click on the “Like” button and enter your Twitter account and email address on the space provided.
  3. Click on the “Get a Coupon” button to redeem your Steam key for the game.

FREE: Really Big Sky (PC Digital Download) Steam Key for FREE!

Psychedelic twin-stick shooter fans rejoice! This week we’re giving away a million Steam keys for Really Big Sky, a quirky, sparkly shooter that pits your lone ship against the universe. You’ll battle aliens, planets armed with laser batteries, black holes, wormholes and more, but there’s a twist—every level is procedurally generated, from the swarming enemy waves to the appearance of intervening planets, which require you to activate your ship’s drill so you can tunnel right through them at a thousand miles per hour. Grab your key below.

This is week three of our ongoing multi-million Steam key giveaway, which we’re running in association with Bundle Stars, a digital store that specialises in creating game bundles at discounts of up to 97%. They also sell games individually, and you’ll regularly find discounts of up to 95% on their front page.

Really Big Sky was created by Boss Baddie, the team who last year released sinking ship escape adventure, Wake, and are currently working on a new game called Stratonauts. It’s published by Ripstone and was released in 2012. It’s received many updates since then, so you’re getting a lot of space war for your click. Pick up your free Steam key below.

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