GearBest: 11-in-1 Stainless Steel Pocket Survival Tool 10¢ w/ FREE Shipping

GearBest has a 11-in-1 Stainless Steel Pocket Survival Tool  for 10¢ w/ FREE Shipping!  Just use the coupon code.


Link: 11-in-1 Stainless Steel Pocket Survival Tool  97¢ 10¢ 

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GearBest: 11-in-1 Stainless Steel Pocket Survival Tool 10¢ w/ FREE Shipping

This saber card, with 420 stainless steel, both sides are flat and without flash. Forming a block of stainless steel with high hardness, high strength, sharp cutting edge. The size is similar with credit cards, so it’s easy to take with in your porket or wallet. With a black leather cover, to avoid hurting.

Main Feature:
Material: 420 stainless steel
Excellent for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities
Portable and compact design for easy carrying and use.
Small and light
1. Can opener: The bottom hook used with the upper edge, can open tin cans easily.
2. Live wrench: a hollow groove strip, you can squeeze any items with flat turnbuckle.
3. Sawtooth: double staggered sawtooth, used to cut wood branches and to remove the scales.
4. Keyhole: this card can be hung on the key ring.
5. Positioning wrenches: two different types of Hexagon wrench.
6. Direction indicator: with 16 accurate scale in different directions.
7. Positioning wrench: four different types of Hexagon Wrench, suitable for usual sizes of bolts and nuts.
8. Ruler: metric scale, minimum scale to mm.
9. Bottle screwdriver: for beer, beverage bottle cap opening.
10. Screwdrivers: in the corner of the card (in this place can increase the strength of the mechanics and more effort), can be used for usual screws.
11. Lateral Knife: sharp blade, used to cut the rope and other things.
Warning: This saber card is Steel sharp hard objects, Please be careful when carrying or using


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