Reviews: GE reveal® 75W Halogen Light Bulbs

Discover how GE reveal® light bulbs bring out colors & patterns that can go unnoticed. Use these enhanced full spectrum light bulbs for your home lighting makeover & see the clean, beautiful light transform every room.

GE reveal® light bulbs

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Over the past several months, I’ve had the opportunity to try the GE reveal® brand of light bulbs in my household.

I worked with GE and its digital publicity partner to participate in their GE lighting campaign.

I received a package of GE reveal® 75W Halogen Light Bulbs :

GE reveal® 75W Halogen Light Bulbs

From the start, I noticed a substantive difference in the quality of light that came out of these over traditional incandescent bulbs.  What’s great is they’re advertised as using 28% less energy so they should have long-term savings!

Overall, these are a great alternative to incandescent bulbs that are no longer manufactured in the US for their light, energy efficiency, and potential savings.

Be sure to look for GE reveal® light bulbs at your local store and create your own lighting makeover!

Reviews: GE reveal® 75W Halogen Light Bulbs

Reviews: GE reveal® 75W Halogen Light Bulbs

Reviews: GE reveal® 75W Halogen Light Bulbs

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