FREE: ShopYourWay Rewards Points w/ FitStudio (Sears & Kmart)

FitStudio by Sears is offering lots of ShopYourWay Rewards points for doing various things in the program.  The SYWR Points are good for $ off purchases at Sears and Kmart!

FitStudio by Sears

1. Make a ShopYourWay Rewards account by clicking here.

2. Click here and log in FitStudio by Sears w/ your SYWR account.

3. Once you complete your profile, you will get 2,500 points ($2.50) automatically.  You can do a lot of other tasks to earn even more!


I linked my Facebook and Twitter too and got 3,500:

FREE: ShopYourWay Rewards Points w/ FitStudio (Sears & Kmart)

Points might take a while to credit.  After the first day, I’m at 6200 points:

FREE: ShopYourWay Rewards Points w/ FitStudio (Sears & Kmart)

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    1. check the right side of the dashboard and you’ll see buttons for “connect to facebook” and “join the conversation.” i just liked on facebook and followed on twitter; waited about 5 minutes and points were there.

  1. I”m not seeing how to connect FB or Twitter either. I”m not even sure how to get the 2500 for completing my profile. I’ve answered everything available. lol

    1. go to your dashboard page and scroll down and you’ll see them on the right side. the reporting is a bit delayed. 🙂

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