FREE: Gears of War via Games with Gold – December 2013 – Xbox 360

Xbox Live Marketplace has Gears of War for FREE!  It will be available for Xbox LIVE Gold members this month.

Link: Gears of War (Xbox 360)

Note: Offer applies only to Xbox Live Gold Membership only.  Game file is 6.27 GB and connection speed download may vary from console to console.

December 16th – 31st title will be Shoot Many Robots.

FREE: Gears of War via Games with Gold – December 2013 – Xbox 360

If you’re an XBox Live Free member, you can get a FREE month of XBOX Live Gold using the following link:

FREE Month of XBOX Live Gold

Note: Some Xbox Live members have been permanently banned for abusing this free month promotion using the so-called “back stack” loophole which would allow a member to stack multiple free months at a time.  As long as you use the link for a free month, let it expire, and then use it again, you won’t be banned.

Even though the promotion associated with this link has cycled between active and inactive for several months, people have been able to get all Games with Gold titles using it, without paying for Xbox Live Gold.

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