FREE: Macy’s $10 Mobile Gift Card Code thru 11/17/13

Macy’s is offering a FREE $10 Mobile Gift Card Code thru 11/17/13 when you follow the steps below.



  1. Download the App on your cell phone.  Make sure you install the Macy’s Star app, not the regular Macy’s app.
  2. Click on this link from another device.
  3. Scroll to second page (click the right arrow twice).
  4. Scan the page and watch a video.
  5. Go back to first page.
  6. Scan it and watch video (or fast foward it).
  7. You’ll see an option to get digital gift card code.
  8. Fill out the form.
  9. Gift card code is sent via SMS within seconds.

FREE: Macy's $10 Mobile Gift Card Code thru 11/17/13

When making online purchases you can add up to five (5) gift cards per transaction.  No-go with Google Voice (they must be using short codes).

Promotion ends 11/17/2013.  Code expires on 12/17/2013.

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