Safeway: Coupon Shopping Trip 7/26/13 ($265.59 – 100% Savings – $3.23 Money Maker)

Safeway has amazing deals this week and I had some great coupons from the Safeway Lifestyle (Regional Mailer) coupon book so I decided to put my skills to the test!  On my shopping trip, I managed to get $266.97 worth of groceries for $1.35 out-of-pocket!



My strategy for this trip was fairly simple: I wanted to hit the $50 threshold to be able to use the $10 Off $50 Coupon and hit the $20 threshold for the FREE item coupons (which all have a minimum $20 basket).

I found that the FREE items all added up to $27.12 this week so all I had to do with fill my basket with at least $12.88 of “other” items and $10 of whatever (FREE w/ $10 Off 50) to be able to use the $10 Off $50.

I wanted my basket composition to look like this:

Safeway Basket Composition

This week, we’ve had some great deals on Cracker Jack (no longer works), Ocean Spray, and Herbal Essences which are all FREE after coupon so I decide to use those items as my the $12.88 of “other” items.

Ocean Spray 100% Citrus Juice 99¢
Use: $1/1 Ocean Spray 100% Citrus Juice (6/2 RP)*
Final Price: FREE

* Coupon says 64 oz. +, but they changed the size down to 60 oz.  They’ve acknowledged on Facebook that this is okay usage:

$1/1 Ocean Spray 100% Citrus Juice (6/2 RP)*

Herbal Essences $2.49* (Limit 4)
Use: $5/2 Clairol Products (7/7 P&G)
Stack with: In-ad Coupon for $2.49 Price
Final Price: FREE

Safeway: Coupon Shopping Trip 7/26/13 ($265.59 – 100% Savings – $3.23 Money Maker)

Here’s the breakdown of the scenario I came up with:

The items that were FREE with the Safeway Lifestyle (Regional Mailer) coupon book were as follows:

  • Safeway Refreshe Water, 24 Pack ($2.50)
  • Safeway Cran-Raspberry Juice ($1.99)
  • Bright Green Liquid Dish Soap ($2.69)
  • Best Shot Energy ($4.00)
  • Safeway Kitchen White Bread Loaf ($1.99)
  • Safeway French Bread ($1.99)
  • Safeway Italian Wedding Soup ($4.99)
  • Snack Artist Chips ($1.99)
  • Snack Artist Créme Cakes ($1.99)
  • Safeway Peanut Butter ($2.99)

All of the above items add up to $27.12 before coupons, but after the club card discounts.

Next, I filled up my basket with:

  • 8 x Ocean Spray 100% Citrus Juice (8 x 99¢)
  • 4 x Herbal Essences (4 x $2.49 w/ In-ad Coupon)

These were purchases I knew that would be FREE after coupons, but would help me hit the threshold ($40) so that I could buy what I wanted for the $10/$50.

Lastly, I picked up:

  • 2 x V05 Shampoo/Conditioner (2 x $2.29)
  • 1 x Pack of Primo Taglio Turkey Lunchmeat (1 x $4.00*)
  • 2 x Lucerne Greek Yogurt (2 x 50¢*)
  • 1 x O Organics Baby Spinach (50¢ w/ $2/1 Coupon*)

* These were special pricing with coupons out of the Safeway Lifestyle (Regional Mailer) coupon book.

The reason why I bought the V05 was because there is a Try Me FREE (up to $5) rebate for these and my “overage” from the $10 Off $50 Coupon would pay for them–making my transaction a MONEY MAKER!

My total out-of-pocket for this transaction was $1.35 (-3¢ subtotal + $1.38 tax) for a $84.78 savings and 100% savings value!  The subtotal should’ve been 9¢, but they did not adjust down the 1¢ for each of the Ocean Spray and Herbal Essences coupons.

After this, I hit two Safeway stores since I had  a lot of Ocean Spray coupons and snagged up 49 more bottles, most of which I gave away.

Three stores.  Three transactions.  $265.59 (100%) savings. $3.23 Money Maker.

Safeway: Coupon Shopping Trip 7/26/13 ($265.59 – 100% Savings – $3.23 Money Maker)

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    1. Needed a $1 filler to hit over > $10 for the “$10/50” and that is what I went with. I had a cup last night and it wasn’t too bad.

  1. Super nice job and really great breakdown! I didn’t have the $10/$50 or the Lifestyle (Regional Mailer) coupon book, but also had a great trip stacking the $5/$15 frozen food digital coupon with the one found in the flyer today. I got $66.83 worth of groceries for $5.94. I was only able to use one of my Ocean Spray coupons on 2 bottles of juice, though. The second one beeped and the cashier gave it back to me and said I couldn’t use it because the value of the coupon exceeded the price of the item.

    1. Nice! I ended up getting FREE Breyer’s ice cream with my frozen food coupons! I hear we’re getting them this week too. I hear in the ad for sure; fingers crossed we get another eCoupon! 🙂

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