FREE: $10 Gift Card w/ ANY Purchase at McDonald’s – BACK AGAIN!

Plink McDonald’s deal was our most popular offer EVER the last time we ran it.  Again, for a limited time, Plink is offering a FREE $10 Gift Card with ANY purchase at McDonald’s for new members.


Link: $10 Gift Card w/ ANY Purchase at McDonald’s via Plink

For this 4th-of-July holiday week, lots of people are traveling (and enjoying quick meals as they spend time with family and friends).  Great timing to sign up!

FREE: $10 Gift Card w/ ANY Purchase at McDonald's via Plink


New Plink members only, one sign-up bonus per person

Plink Member must link a credit or debit card and make a purchase at McDonald’s 7/14/2013 11:59 EST

Purchase is necessary (after the member links a credit/debit card to their Plink account) to qualify for the bonus 1,000 Plink Points by 7/14/2013 11:59 EST. Bonus 1,000 Plink Points will be awarded within 7 business days of the transaction posting date.

McDonald’s purchases that occur on 7/14/2013 or later will not qualify for the bonus.

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