Albertsons: New Coupon Policy 6/20 (2013) = No Blanket Policy

Albertsons is now owned and operated by Albertsons, LLC and the transition phase is over.  One key change they’ve made is that: they no longer have a blanket policy!


Basically, this means:
Albertsons Coupon Policy is up to each store.

My opinion:

This can be good and bad depending on the store.  The stores that focus more on customer-centric relationship management (CCRM) will likely have more coupon friendly policies and thus generate more sales and revenue.  However, in highly competitive markets or areas where there is rampant fraud, the rules will get stricter.

It may also add confusion for shoppers who frequent multiple stores because each store may not have the same policies in place.  However, it just means that savvy shoppers and couponers will flock to the stores that are the most friendly with the way they handle coupons.
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Here’s what the Albertsons coupon policy states as of 6/20/13:

About our Coupon Policy

At Albertsons, we know that saving money means a great deal to our customers, and many of you use coupons to help save even more.

We want to offer all of our customers the best deals every week, and that means marketing EACH store as if it were our only store. Your local Albertsons is the best, most accurate source of information for using coupons. Our coupon guidelines are available at the register in every Albertsons store. We don’t have a blanket policy that fits every store and every market area, because your store, just like your community, is unique. Even our weekly ads are specific to your store. We’re part of your community, not a chain that tries to make “one size fit all.”

So check your ads every week for specials and store offers, and read our coupon guidelines at the store the next time you shop.

Source: Albertsons Coupon Policy

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