Albertsons: Ownership and Coupon Policy Changes – Now Takes Catalina Coupons!

SuperValu no longer owns Albertsons after being bought out by Albertsons, LLC.  Here are a few changes in policy!


Coupon Policy Changes

First off, here are a few key changes to the coupon policy.  Not in print yet, but memos have been sent out to the stores:

  • Albertsons will now accept ALL Catalina coupons that say “Redeem at _.” They will not accept Catalina coupons that say “Redeem ONLY at _.”
  • Identical .pdf coupons will only be accepted one per transaction.*

* This change was implemented because Real California Milk refused to pay Albertsons and is requiring an audit claiming coupons were “copied” despite the coupons being distributed as .pdf coupons!

Ownership Changes

Albertsons LLC owns Albertsons now!

  • SuperValu will print ads thru the first week of June.  After that, we will receive ads from Albertsons, LLC.
  • Albertsons, LLC does not have a coupon policy and let stores make their own.
  • They believe in catering to the respective market areas and offering low prices.

Want to help shape the new policy?

Albertsons, LLC wants you to let them know your thoughts on changes, what’s important to you, what you think they do well and what they need to improve!

You can contact them on Facebook: Albertsons Market or email them at to voice your opinion!

Albertsons: Ownership and Coupon Policy Changes - Now Takes Catalina Coupons!

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