Starbucks: FREE $5 Credit When You Register a Gift Card HOW-TO

Starbucks is offering a FREE $5 Credit for registering a gift card on a new account thru March 14th, 2013.  This post will guide you thru How To maximize your earnings!


*** UPDATE 3/3/12 12:15 am PST *** It’s been reported and confirmed that if you transfer balances, then you can be banned from their site on your third transfer.  I would strongly advise NOT doing transfers online.

Logging onto too many accounts in a short period of time may also result in a ban.  However, this has not yet been tested and confirmed yet.

This is a temporary ban that should wear off in about one hour.  Site will time out or you’ll see an error like this:

Site will time out or you'll see an error like this

First, they’ve updated it so you can no longer buy new eGift Cards and pay for them using another gift card balance.

What this means is that: you need to already have an unregistered card in your possession (e.g. blanks from the $2.60 Blonde Roast deal or AT&T deal I posted earlier in the year) OR going to the store to physically buy gift cards.

Note: The card you use can have a zero balance, but must be unregistered.

Any mobile app method is NOT described since I did it all on my PC and cannot speak from experience; however, you can reference the posts by others speaking from their experiences on my Facebook page (herehere and here).

The first step is to buy $5 denomination gift cards.

The first step is to buy $5 denomination gift cards.  Registering each one to a separate account (using different emails) will earn you a $5 bonus.

Here is the link to register your card: Register Starbucks Gift Card

I would recommend starting out w/ a $5 gift card, registering it, then using the now $10 on the card for two additional $5 gift cards.  You just repeat this (see above diagram).

If you want to save yourself time, then you can pick up a Mini Moments Gift Card Booklet w/ 5 x $5 Gift Cards:

Mini Moments Gift Card Booklet w/ 5 x $5 Gift CardsMake sure that each $5 Gift Card is on its own account (distinguished by different email) when you register.  Once you’ve successfully registered each one, the balance on each card is $10 and you have doubled your $25 into $50!

You can take the now $50 booklet to purchase two (2) more $25 books in the store, paying for the balance with your initial booklet.

You can take the now $50 booklet to purchase two (2) more $25 books in the store

A few other tips:

  • The email you enter when you register DOES NOT have to exist.  However, I’d make it something you can remember and not something that might be in use by someone else!  They don’t send anything important to the email so it should not affect you.
  • You can register using the Gmail . trick or catch-all email.  I will not discuss in detail how they work, but you can figure it out easily on Google.
  • Start with any unregistered gift cards you have around to minimize your initial out-of-pocket.
  • Stores have lots of gift cards in the back or behind the register if you need more than what is in the display–so ask!
  • I would keep every receipt and gift card even if you’ve “used” it already.
  • Keep in mind that this deal is advertised good thru 3/14 and I have not seen any limits posted, whatsoever.

If you have anything to add, then feel free to leave a comment so others can see.  Good luck!

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