FREE: $5 More in Credit to w/ New Link – Up to $35 for FREE

Here’s another $5 in Credit to with a new link.  You can combine it with the other credits to get $35 for FREE!

Note: If you have any problems, then you can call them at: 877.463.4322.

Here are the updated instructions:

1. Click here to login or create an account.
2. Click here to get $10 credit.
3. Click here to get $5 credit.
4. Click here to take a survey to get $5 credit. Over!
5. Copy and paste this link for $5 credit:

When you go to the link you should see this:

FREE: $5 More in Credit to w/ New Link - Up to $35 for FREE
Optional: Have a friend send you a  FREE $10 credit on Wrapp for a total $35 Off!  These have to be gifted to you by a Facebook friend. You can find directions in this post.

How long does it take for credits to show up on my account?

The servers are congested with people signing up during the day so be patient!  The credits should show up on your account once they get caught up.  I went out to run errands, eat dinner, and spend time with friend; and, when I made it home, everything except the $5 from the survey had shown up:

FREE: $5 More in Credit to w/ New Link - Up to $35 for FREE

Here’s the old post for reference:
FREE: $15 in Credit to

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  1. I tried all of them and no credit for 2 hours and wrapp block my gift codes since it says I am ineligible even though I have never used them before.

    1. my friend did it earlier and said that it took him over 6 hours before the credits showed up. i didn’t time mine, but i left to run errands around 4pm and $30 (everything except the $5 survey) had shown up on my account. it’ll likely be there in the morning! 🙂

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