FREE: $15 in Credit to is offering $15 Credit for FREE when you follow the instructions below.  This applies to new and old accounts.

Note: If you have any problems, then you can call them at: 877.463.4322.

*** UPDATE 1/24 3am PST *** Took hours, but got my FREE credit!

1. Click here to login or create an account.
2. Click here to get $10 credit.
3. Click here to get $5 credit.

FREE: $15 in Credit to

Note: It takes 10 – 20 mintues for credits to show up in your My Credits page.

FREE: $15 in Credit to

Don’t forget there’s also a FREE $10 credit on Wrapp for a total $25 Off!  These have to be gifted to you by a Facebook friend.

FREE $10 Credit to Fab via Wrapp

Here’s how to send it:

1. Go to Wrapp and click “Friends” at top.

Wrapp Friends

2. Find your friend using the search bar and click their name.
3. When you click you should be given a list of gifts you can send.

Wrapp Gifts

4. Look for the $10 gift card and click on it.
5. Fill out the form and your friend will receive it.
6. Have them send one back so you can get one too!

For more Freebies, click here.

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