FREE: Adobe Creative Suite CS2 Standard (PC or Mac Digital Download)

Adobe is offering Adobe Creative Suite CS2 Standard (PC or Mac Digital Download) for FREE!


Yes, I know CS6 is out, but it retails for $1200 — this is FREE!

Downloads available:

  • Adobe Creative Suite CS2 (Standard)
  • Acrobat 3D 1.0 (Windows)
  • Acrobat Standard 7.0
  • Acrobat Pro 8.0
  • Audition 3.0
  • GoLive CS2
  • Illustrator CS2
  • InCopy CS2
  • InDesign CS2
  • Photoshop CS2
  • Photoshop Elements 4.0/5.0
  • Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0

FREE: Adobe Creative Suite CS2 Standard (PC or Mac Digital Download)

Check below for keys (not unique) and direct download links:

Creative Suite 2 (CS2) Standard Editions
Includes Bridge, Illustrator, ImageReady, Indesign, and Photoshop

Mac: 1130-0412-8377-1896-9751-5759

Windows: 1130-1414-7569-4457-6613-5551

If you have an error with Disc 2:

For some reason, Disc 2 extracts to C:\Creative Suite instead of C:\Creative Suite CS2 like Disc 1 and 3 do.  Just edit the installation path and it should work.

Acrobat 3D 1.0 (Windows)

Key: 1159-1414-7569-3493-5006-5653

Acrobat Standard 7.0

Mac: 1016-0414-2428-7157-5404-6669

Windows: 1016-1415-6379-6184-1333-2468

Acrobat Pro 8.0

Mac: 1118-0416-1130-3724-2927-7040

Windows: 1118-1414-1955-8737-8172-0350

Audition 3.0

Key: 1137-1004-8571-6848-7845-8029

Note: The last is a huge (4.2 GB) file! – shuriken

GoLive CS2

Mac: 1033-0415-6162-2671-3431-0993

Windows: 1033-1418-1610-5696-5209-0095

Illustrator CS2

Mac: 1034-0416-0740-0527-2887-2375

Windows: 1034-1415-6230-2341-2884-9398

InCopy CS2

Mac: 1036-0414-4367-5110-5897-2432

Windows: 1036-1419-3531-6378-2148-9313

InDesign CS2

Mac: 1037-0413-9961-4063-8457-1098

Windows: 1037-1412-5094-8316-6812-7982

Photoshop CS2

Mac: 1045-0410-5403-3188-5429-0639

Windows: 1045-1412-5685-1654-6343-1431

Photoshop Elements 4.0/5.0

Mac: 1057-0410-8218-6295-1699-9560

Windows: 1057-1414-3729-7573-7352-1206

Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0

Key: 1132-1280-4900-7476-5108-8019

Windows 8 Compatibility Issues: If your computer is running Windows 8 and you’re having trouble installing CS2, then you may want to try downloading a program called VirtualBox from Oracle (it’s FREE).  This software is designed to allow you to run Windows XP programs in a virtual environment on a Windows 7 machine, but apparently it also works with Windows 8.

Mac OSX 10.8: Tries to install and fails. Not sure about prior Mac OSX versions.  Note: You need to use a MacOS that can run the PowerPC emulator, Rosetta. Mountain Lion won’t work, since Apple dropped the emulation.

Thanks acr!

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  1. Does it say somewhere on their website that this is free? This isn’t typical and the codes are normally unique. They always have the software available for download because they give trials. I don’t want recommend my coworkers to install without seeing from Adobe that it’s legit.

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