Walgreens: FREE + Money Maker Carmex Lip Care Products 12/30 – 1/5

Walgreens has select Carmex Lip Care Products on sale for 3/$3.  There’s a $1/1 Coupon making it FREE and you’ll earn 1,000 Balance Rewards points for every three (3) that you buy making it a MONEY MAKER!

undefinedCarmex Lip Care Products 3/$3
Use: $1/1 Carmex Lip Care (Walgreens “Cold & Flu” Book)
Pay: 0, Receive 1,000 Points*
Final Price: FREE + $1 Money Maker
* 1,000 Points Translates into Appr. $1 in Rewards

Note: You may need to buy these in sets of three (3) at a time to ensure that you get 1,000 points.  I talked to their support and they told me that they show it’s 3 or more despite the fact the in-store say buy 3.

I did not see a limit for the number of times you can earn the reward.  Unlimited earning potential?

Coupon reads:

$1 Off Carmex Lip Care
Moisture Plus, Original, Peach or Pink Shade, .75 oz.

Note: The “.75 oz.” is likely a typo and only applies to the Pink Shade which is a .075 oz. product.  I did not see any Carmex Lip Care products even remotely close to .75 oz. in the store.

Walgreens: FREE + Money Maker Carmex Lip Care Products 12/30 - 1/5

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Thanks Lakebreeze!

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    1. it’s found in the store and usually by the cold and flu products. the book is same size and looks identical (aside from the cover picture) to the booklets w/ the brainstrong coupons.

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