TigerDirect: Corsair Vengeance 1100 Gaming Headset for FREE after Rebate w/ FREE Shipping

TigerDirect has Corsair Vengeance 1100 Gaming Headset for $39.99$20.00 Mail-in Rebate (MIR) – $19.99 Mail-in Rebate (MIR) = FREE.  Shipping is FREE!

Tiger Deal Slasher! Savings up to 70% OFF!

Link: Corsair Vengeance 1100 Gaming Headset

Price: $39.99
Submit: $20.00 Mail-in Rebate (MIR)
and $19.99 Mail-in Rebate (MIR)
Final Price: FREE


Q: What is the limit?
A: The limit for this offer is: Limit ONE (1) rebate per qualifying rebate offer, per person, billing address, company, or household.

Q: Can I order now?
A: TigerDirect operates on Eastern Standard Time.  It is okay to order now (no matter where in the US you are located). Your order invoice will show the correct date to qualify you for the both the $20 and $19.99 rebate (01/03/13).

Q: Why can’t I see the rebate?
A: The Rebate Instructions are live now. The Rebate Registration Form on 4MyRebate.com will not be live until around 5 AM EST on 01/03/13.  Until then, it will say “Offer Code Not Found.”

Q: Why is my shipping not FREE?
A: If your address is more than one line (e.g. apartments), then put your entire address in one line. TigerDirect’s ordering system detects multi-line addresses as business addresses. FREE Economy Shipping is only available to residential addresses.

Q: Can I submit both rebates?
A: Yes.  Please note: Offer #COR-12687 requires the original UPC barcode while offer #TD-8142 only requires a copy of the UPC barcode.

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