Walgreens: Turn Your Register Rewards into $62.98 Cash 12/29 – 1/26

Walgreens is offering four (4) FREE after Rebate items from 12/29 – 1/26.  For those of us that did the MONEY MAKER deals this week: this is a great way to turn your hard work into cash!

undefinedHere are the items:

  • Renew Life Ultimate Flora Daily Probiotic plus Fiber, 30 pk. $20 MIR
  • FlexAid Joint Formula 90ct. $20 MIR
  • Phase+ for Diabetics Foot Therapy, 6oz. $14.99 MIR
  • Phase+ for Diabetics Exfoliating Waash, 8oz. $7.99 MIR

Here are coupons to go w/ the above products:

Thanks Terri!

I would buy the $20 items in their own transaction and get the bonus 2000 points (today only).  You can then buy the two Phase+ items in their own transaction.  Remember that you need to add a filler if you plan to use 2 x $10 Register Rewards on the Renew and FlexAid.

Each item is limit 1, but if you submit each one, then you’re looking at $62.98 cash back!

You can find additional information and rebate in the January IVC book.

Walgreens: Turn Your Register Rewards into $62.98 Cash 12/29 - 1/26

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Thanks hyacinthgirl & sox005!

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