My Coke Rewards: Get 10 Bonus Points for EVERY Cap Code is offering 10 BONUS POINTS for every 3 point cap code entered by following the directions below.


1.  Log into your account.
2. Enter the 3 point cap code.
3. Enter GIFT and you’ll get 10 bonus points.
4. Sign out of your account.
5. REPEAT until you enter the weekly max of 40 caps or 120 non-bonus points.

My Coke Rewards: Get 10 Bonus Points for EVERY Cap Code

They also have a concurrent offer for double points:

Get Double Points on all Low & No-Calorie 12-packs

Earn Double Points on your favorite fridge packs from 12/13 to 12/19*.

*Offer ends 12/19/12. Weekly code limits apply to base points only. Bonus Points awarded do not count toward weekly limits!

For more My Coke Rewards, click here.

Thanks Kim and Terri!

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  • Bre

    I didn’t see an option that shows “gift” when I enter my caps???

    • shurikenomics

      you type that into the box for codes. :)

  • Paulette Taylor

    Im entering the code and GIFT right after w no spaces but its not taking it. Does it matter which cap the codes are from? Im using a powerage 3 point cap code

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