Walmart: FREE + $2 Money Maker COTY Fragrances – Including: Nautica, Celine Dion, & More!

Walmart has Select COTY Fragrances for $3.00.  Use the $5/1 COTY (Peelies) to make them FREE + $2.00 Money Maker!

COTY Fragrances $3.00
Use: $5/1 COTY (Peelies)
Final Price: FREE + $2.00 Money Maker

Here are some of the fragrances:

  • Nautica
  • Celine Dion
  • Beyonce
  • Faith Hill
  • Adidas

Note: $5/1 COTY (Peelies) do not state a size restriction.

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  • Bud Chud

    Just bought 7 got $14.00 back…

    • shurikenomics

      nice! :)

  • Roxanne Brewer Radloff

    Well got my peelies but can’t find the small bottles yet. LOL Guess I’ll have to go to another location to find them lo

    • Olesya Kosmin

      would you please share where the peelies are located, I went to walmart, but could not find those :(

      • shurikenomics

        they’re on boxes of fragrances. :)

  • kyle

    I tried to use these tonight at they wouldn’t let me because the coupon doesn’t have a picture or really state what the coupon is for size/item wise. I tried to tell them that means there aren’t specifics to it but they wouldn’t listen :(

    • shurikenomics

      could try a different store. :)

      • kyle

        I did. Ended up getting the finger nail files and made them pay me my $20 bucks in overage as cash. Took almost 40 minutes in line, but worth it =)

      • kyle

        Oh! And I got Halo 4 for free with the rest of my overage!

  • Laura Vanessa

    can I only used them on fragances? there are other products that are coty. sally hansen,rimmel,. can i use these peelies on those products?

    • shurikenomics

      it should be okay so long as it’s a product made by coty. the peelie doesn’t specify what the coupon is for.

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