FREE $10 eGift Cards for Friends & Family is having their annual Feed It Forward program allowing you to send $10 eGift Cards to friends and family for FREE! - Most $25 Gift Certificates for on

1. Click here and log in with your account or create a new one.
2. After logging in, click here.
3. Select an eGift Card style and customize your message.
4. Connect with your friends on Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, and more.
5. Select your friends and family and click on the ‘Send’ button to send a $10 eGift Card.
6. eGift Cards can be redeemed here.

Note: Don’t forget to share this post and directions above so they can send you back a $10 eGift Card too!

Here’s a FAQ:

How does Feed It Forward Work?

Feed It Forward is a dedicated giving website through which enables individuals to spread joy through the gift of giving up to 100 FREE $10 eGift Cards per day during the holiday season.

Givers enter their name and email address, as well as the names and email addresses of each person they wish to give to—as many as 100 different people every single day during the program.  Participants also can import their email addresses or select from Facebook friends for easier giving.

Givers can personalize their eGift Card before sending to their recipients via email, or to Facebook friends via Facebook wall post.  Individuals who receive a gift then can Feed It Forward and help others who love food by joining in the giving themselves.

Main program elements include:

  • $40 million in total eGift Card value available for giving
  • $10 value eGift Cards will be given away
  • Givers can give up to 100 FREE $10 eGift Cards per day

How long does the program last?

People nationwide have the opportunity to give FREE eGift Cards away while the quantity lasts.  Feed It Forward 2012 giving ends on January 1, 2013 at 11:59PM PST.

How do I give Feed It Forward eGift Cards?

Click here to give FREE eGift Cards.  Create or log into, your account or use your Facebook account to start giving.  You can give via email, or Facebook.  To give via email, just enter the email address of each person you wish to give to – up to 100 different people every single day – or import email addresses from select email providers for easier giving.  To give via Facebook, you will be able to select each Facebook friend individually.  You can personalize their eGift Cards before sending to recipients via email or Facebook wall post.

How many FREE eGift Cards am I allowed to give?

The program allows you to spread the joy to as many as 100 different people per day, regardless of the method you use to give.  You can reach your daily 100 in any combination you like: for example, you can give to 50 friends via Facebook and another 50 via email, all through the giving site, but you cannot exceed a total of 100 gifts per day.  Your giving total will be updated on your personal leader board regardless of the method you use.  You can only give to each recipient once during the duration of the program.

How are eGift Cards redeemed?

You can reach the Feed It Forward redemption site to redeem your $10 eGift Card in one of two ways.  The first is to click on the link within the notification email or wall post you received.  Or, you can go directly to the Feed It Forward homepage (click here) and click on “Redeem Gift.” Both options will require you to type in the certificate code for your $10 eGift Card, which will then register a $10 credit in your shopping cart.  Search through our national database of participating restaurants to select a favorite restaurant or try a new place and print out your restaurant gift certificate instantly.  When you are ready to dine at the restaurant you selected, simply present the restaurant-specific gift certificate to your server upon arrival at the restaurant.

Does my eGift Card expire?

There is no expiration date on the $10 eGift Card that you receive during Feed It Forward or on the restaurant-specific gift certificate you get when you redeem the $10 eGift Card credit here.  For more information, please read the terms and conditions included with every restaurant-specific Gift Certificate.

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