FREE: 1 Year Membership to ShopRunner (Compliments of Allstate)

Get a FREE 1-Year Membership to ShopRunner (FREE 2-day Shipping at Participating Stores).  Hurry! There is a limited quantity; sign up while quantities last.

You DO NOT need to have Allstate insurance to qualify.

1. Click here and make an Allstate account.
2. After you create an account, click here or search store and type “shoprunner.”
3. Use the “click to see code” under Exclusive Offer and it’ll generate a key and open a new window.  You can enter the key to create a new account.

Note: You have to try until you get working code.  Each time you click, it generates a new code.  It only took me two tries to make my account, but it may take more!

Old links for reference:

Thanks Michelle and amksave!

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