Save the Date: Redeem My Coke Rewards Points for $25 Walmart Gift Cards on 12/1

Go to on December 1, 2012 to redeem MCR points for $25 Walmart Gift Cards while supplies last.  There are a limited number of Walmart gift cards available.  There will be additional offers available for twelve (12) days for the Merry Minutes of Winning Promotion.


Note: It has not been announced yet how many MCR points we will need for each $25 Walmart gift card.

This promotion goes on for twelve days.  There will be a new merchant every day and likely gift cards and merchandise coupons will be available.  Here’s the schedule:

12/1 Walmart
12/2 McDonald’s
12/3 Dominos Pizza
12/4 Nike
12/5 TJ Maxx
12/6 Best Buy
12/7 AMC Theatres
12/8 Home Depot
12/9 Southwest Airlines
12/10 Bass Pro Shops
12/11 Shutterfly
12/12 Coca Cola

I’m hoping for  FREE 12 pk. Coupons on the 12th!! 🙂

For more Save the Date, click here.

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  1. I’m new to this 12 days of Christmas bit… I would really almost prefer the Walmart cards over the 12 packs of coke if they are low enough in points… do you have a guess as to how many points the 12 days of Christmas items usually cost in points? I only have like… 479 points… will I even have enough to participate?

    1. $25 gift cards are around 500 points on there right now, but i don’t know how much they’ll drop for the promotion. last year, the free 12 pack coupons were 30 points.

      1. That is the one I am waiting for, been collecting all year< have amassed like 1200. Is there a limit to how many coupons one can get?

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