Staples: $90.50+ Money Maker w/ Buy: $100 VISA or MasterCard Gift Card, Receive: $15 Staples Gift Card 11/11 – 11/17

Staples will have a Buy: $100 VISA or MasterCard Gift Card, Get $15 Staples Gift Card (SER) promotion this upcoming week 11/11 – 11/17.  We had a similar deal a few weeks ago w/ limit 10 so there’s a potential $90.50 MONEY MAKER!

Basically, each transaction you’re paying $100 to get $15, but there’s a fee of $5.95 so effectively you make $9.05 per transaction.  You can buy $100 gift card, activate it, then use it to pay for the next transaction (you’ll need to cover the difference).  Do this until you reach the max limit per rewards account.

Here’s a diagram:

Note: The best MONEY MAKER is with $200 Gift Cards.  More initial out-of-pocket, but you come out ahead since you’re paying considerably less in fees.

Note: Safeway is running a promotion currently to get a $10 ONYO CAT when you buy a $100 VISA or Mastercard Gift Card too so you should be able to use these at Staples.  Then, you can take them to OfficeMax the following week since they’re doing the same $15 offer.

You can choose to buy a $200 Gift Card (five per address) to make it go faster:

The rebate prints on the receipt:

You can submit your rebate online and your Staples gift cards arrive within 4-6 weeks!

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    1. based off what? my receipt said the same thing, but when i entered it on SER, it gave me (at least) $30 for each $200.

    1. if you want to be certain you get a $15 git card for every $100, then you should just get $100 gift cards. you incur a higher out-of-pocket on fees, but i agree that there is a bit of risk with buying a $200 card. however, i’m showing $30+ for each $200 gift card entered and since i’ve already done the deal, i’m going to just have to take that risk. 🙂

  1. I kinda still dont get this. how is this a money maker? when Im wasting
    the 100 or 200 first. I buy the card and activate it then buy another
    card use that card and get another etc. I guess I still have the 100 at
    the end in the form of a gift card but all im earning is the staples
    card. what im not getting. how you make this into a money maker. Im new
    to this after all

    1. there are ways to cash the gift cards out thru serve or amazon payments at the end. just make sure to buy visa (mastercard doesn’t work) gift cards. you also need to register the card before you can cash it out. 🙂

      1. I dont get how to cash it out still, lol what does thru serve mean? and amazon payments at the end? kinda lost still. Im new to all this. I think this is a great thing to do for my church so they can get supplies I will do it for them today. hope I get a good outcome.

        1. use the search function on the site and look for “serve.” it’s like paypal, but run by american express. you can fund your account (use visa gift cards from this deal) and new users even get a $25 credit when they add $25 or more. you can then transfer all that money to your bank or just spend it off your serve card.

  2. What am I doing wrong? I tried it and they thought I had 5 heads and said its 1 per person. I said no its 10 per household. I asked how do i activate it, they said its already activated, I dont need to do anything, When I tried the buy the gift card with the gift card thing, they told me I cant pay a gift card with a gift card. I told them it has to work. I used the card and it wont let me. they tried using the card too but it didnt work. What Iam i doing wrong?

    1. some cards are activated when you buy them. others needs to be activated online (should have a sticker on the card). your location shouldn’t matter.

      1. i dont get it bc they said it activiated already and can use it to buy anything instore but not gift cards. Ill try to activate it and see what happens

        1. yeah, most activate during the transaction. when you use it, it’ll take off the amount that is on the card first ($100 or $200), then you should just owe the difference (pay for fees).

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