FREE: $5 Starbucks Gift Card via Boomerang

Boomerang is offering a $5 Starbucks Gift Card when you send ANY (5) gift cards to your friends.  These can be the FREE offers so it should not cost you any money, just a few minutes of your time.

1. Go to Boomerang.
2. Share ANY five (5) gift card offers.  I picked since it was one of the FREE offers.

Note: Make sure you select a friend first (click here), then gift card offer; otherwise, it might show up as a paid offer instead of FREE.

3. Once you share with five (5) friends, then it’ll give you a notification that you’ve earned your $5 Starbucks gift card.  If it doesn’t, then you can always click here to see you gifts.
4. Click on it and you can either redeem in-store or with your smartphone.


Note: You can remove the app after you get your gift card if you’re worried about privacy.

For more Freebies, click here.

Thanks Michelle!

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  1. How long should it show up after you share with 5 friends? Cause I just sent 5 gift cards to 5 friends and didn’t receive an email and don’t have any gifts yet 🙁

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