Serve from American Express: FREE Money – $25 Credit w/ Reload

Serve from American Express is offering $25 FREE when you add $25 or more to your existing account through December 31, 2012.


I received this offer in the mail today.  They sent me the NEW Serve card along with a note saying that they noticed that I haven’t been using my Serve account.  If you got in on the original deal and have not used the card in a while, like me, then I’d keep an eye out for this offer.

Note: Offer is valid only for solicited American Express Prepaid Cardmembers.  If you’re not signed up, then you should consider getting one, using it a few times, and sitting on it on the chance they send out another batch of these “retention” offers.

Links to sign up:

If you need to reference old (most likely expired) posts —

Links to old Serve offers:

Links to old American Express offers:

Thanks Serve for more FREE money! 🙂

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