MyCokeRewards: FREE Points w/ Code – Enter Daily has four (4) 10 point codes that you can use daily until 8/12!  Remember that the FREE 12-Pack Coupons go on sale sometimes for only 30 pts.


  • 10095913378567
  • 10096122897198 – Still working. :)
  • 10096071476917
  • 10095827987467
  • WORLDRECORD – Thanks Cheri!

Note: I couldn’t get the 2nd and 4th to work, but they might work for someone.  I’ll try them all again tomorrow!

These points are best saved for when FREE 12-Pack coupons are on sale:


Thanks Sarah!

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  1. Better than codes today…you can get a coupon for free spicy McBites from McDonalds for zero points at mycokerewards.

  2. Thank you for all that you do! It was the 1st and 4th that didn’t work 4 me but I’ve been doing these codes for the last 6 days! I love your site! :)

  3. Never seen this error before:
    “Sorry to say, but you’ve enter the maximum amount of Bonus Points this week. Hang on to those, because the Weekly Points Tracker resets Monday at 12 a.m. ET.”

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