Albertsons: FREE + $5 Money Maker Gillette or Daisy Razors 6/6 – 6/12

Albertsons will have Gillette or Daisy Disposable Razors on a Buy One Get One FREE sale starting 6/6.  Use the BOGO coupon to make them FREE and a concurrent CAT deal to make it a $5 Money Maker!


Gillette or Daisy Disposable Razors $9.99
Buy One Get One FREE & Spend $20, Receive: $5 CAT

Buy: 6 x Gillette Disposable Razors
Use: 3 x BOGO Gillette Men’s Disposable Razor (6/3 PG)
or 3 x BOGO Daisy Disposable Razor (6/3 PG)
Pay: 0*, Receive: $5 CAT
Final Price: FREE + $5 Money Maker

* UPDATE: You need to add a filler to get a non-zero balance to trigger the CAT.  It can be something small…a banana, a potato wedge, etc. 😀 Thanks Ashley!

According to the Albertsons coupon policy, you can receive both items FREE.  You can refer to the coupon policy found here: Albertsons Coupon Acceptance Policy (Effective 12/17/11)

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  1. Hi, I am a little confused on the scenario. If 3 out of the 6 razors are already free because of the Albertsons BOGO sale, why do we still need 6 BOGO coupons instead of just 3 BOGO coupons for the remaining 3 razors that we have to pay for. Thanks for posting this great deal.

  2. This is not a MM anymore. The Cat doesn’t print because it has to be $20 AFTER store savigns and q’s. Bummer!

    1. Ok I went and did this one and Got 6 Daisy and 6 Goodnews paid 4.88 in tax ( Washington State)and no CAT. But thats ok still a good deal? Thanks

      1. yeah, free is good too, but i’m not sure why the cat didn’t print. i would bring the receipt to the store and tell them that the daisy razors are a pg product. 😀

    2. since the store is giving you one free wyb 2, the tax for every pack should work out to 45-48 cents (in seattle area) depending on your tax rate. 🙂

  3. Cats almost always say AFTER coupons, but normally they print anyway…. However since you are paying nothing it won’t print to ad something small (could even be 1 penny) and it will print (it did for me!!!)
    My Transation :
    Bought 6 daisy razors
    Used 3 bogo’s on daisy
    Bought 1 Covergirl eyeshadow (25% off as shown in ad) $2.69
    Used $1/1 ANY covergirl item from this weeks p&g
    Payed – $1.69 + tax and $5 cat printed!!!!
    Hope this helps 😉

    1. thanks! i made a quick post on facebook too about adding a filler item to get a non-zero balance. i suppose i should update this post also. 😀

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