Target: FREE + $1.04 Money Maker Nivea Creme & Lotion

Target has a Nivea Promotion right now where you Buy: 3 Participating Nivea Products, Receive: $5 Target Gift Card.  The Nivea Tins (87¢) are include so there are several scenarios that make it FREE + Money Maker!

Note: Keep in mind that you cannot earn a Gift Card if the three items are less than the gift card amount e.g. buying three (3) tins for $2.61 (3 @ 87¢) WILL NOT trigger a gift card.

Here’s a scenario to get you started:

Buy: 1 x Nivea Hand Lotion $4.22
and 2 x Nivea Creme Tins $1.74
Use: $2/1 Nivea Hand or Body Lotion (4/29 RP)
Pay: $3.96: Receive: $5 Target Gift Card
Final Price: FREE + $1.04 Money Maker 

Alternatively, if you want some lip balm:

Buy: 2 x Nivea Lip Balm $4.48
and 1 x Nivea Creme Tin 87¢
Pay: $5.35: Receive: $5 Target Gift Card
Final Price: 35¢ for 3

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Thanks Michelle!

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  1. Is the “GC glitch” still happening with Target?

    It used to be that if you did a gift card deal, you had to make sure your PRODUCT total was 2x the amount of the gift card or the MQ’s wouldn’t deduct right,

    Sooooooo to bypass you’d add a random item to get your total high enough, get your gift card, use your MQ’s, and then have the cashier take that “extra” item off your order.

    Do we still have to do this?

    1. just has to be over the gift card amount; not sure about it having to be 2x. someone on my facebook posted that they’re “pulling tins from the offer,” but it might still be ymmv. 😀

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