Walmart: FREE + $4.36 Money Maker Spectracide Bug or Weed Stop w/ Printable Coupon

Walmart carries the small size Spectracide Bug Stop for $2.88.  There’s  $3/1 Spectracide (Printable Coupon) that will make it FREE + 12¢ Money Maker!  You can also submit a $2 Rebate when you buy two so you’ll end up making $2.24!

Spectracide Bug Stop $2.88
Buy: 2, Submit: $2 Rebate

Buy: 2 x Spectracide Bug Stop $5.76
Use: 2 x $3/1 Spectracide (Printable Coupon)
Get: 24¢ Cash Back or Overage, Submit: $2 Rebate 
Final Price: FREE + $2.24 Money Maker for 2

Find the coupon under ‘Household.’

Note: If you have a second computer to print from, then you can buy 3 and submit a rebate for $4!  This will make it a maximum of  $4.36 MONEY MAKER!

Buy: 3 x Spectracide Bug Stop $8.64
Use: 3 x $3/1 Spectracide (Printable Coupon)
Get: 36¢ Cash Back or Overage, Submit: $4 Rebate 
Final Price: FREE + $4.36 Money Maker for 3

Also, the Spectracide Weed Stop for Lawns is $2.97.  It’s also FREE + Money Maker!

Thanks FrostedCakes and MsGal!

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