Sunday Coupon Preview: 4/29/12 RedPlum & Proctor and Gamble Inserts

Looks like we can expect three (3) coupon inserts for 4/29!

In your paper should be the following:

1. RedPlum
2. Proctor & Gamble
3. SmartSource

Note: Some regions may not get all of the coupon inserts.

Here’s the full list of coupons in each insert:

4/29 RedPlum
Ahh bra $2/1 (7/30/12)
Aleve $1/1 product 20ct+ excluding D (7/31/12)
Alka-Seltzer $1/1 product excludes Plus cold products (6/30/12)
Bayer $1/1 Aspirin product 20ct+ (6/30/12)
Bayer $2.50/2 Aspirin products 20ct+ (6/30/12)
Denorex $2/1 anti-dandruff shampoo (12/31/12)
i-cool $2/1 For Menopause or +D for Menopause + Bone Building (6/30/12)
Kerasal Nail $2/1 Fungal Nail renewal treatment (6/30/12)
Land O’Frost $1/2 Premium, Delishaved or Bistro Favorites OR $1/1 Wrap Kit or Sub Sandwich Kit (7/8/12)
L’Oreal $1/1 Colour Riche lip or Paris lip product (6/24/12)
L’Oreal $1/1 Paris skin care item ets (6/24/12)
L’Oreal $2/1 RevitaLift product (6/24/12)
Montery Gourmet Foods 1/1 product (6/30/12)
Morton $.35/1 sea salt product excludes 4.4oz fine sea salt (7/31/12)
Morton $.55/1 Season-All seasoned salt 5oz+ (7/31/12)
Nicoderm $10/1 CQ 14ct+, Gum 100ct+, Lozenge 72ct+ or Mini Lozenge 81ct (6/10/12)
Nivea $2/1 hand or body lotion 1.7-13.5oz (5/27/12)
Nivea $2/1 Sun-Kissed product 6.7-8.4oz (5/27/12)
Nivea $3/1 Q10 Skin Firming product 2.5-13.5oz (5/27/12)
Nivea for Men $2/1 body lotion 13.5oz (5/27/12)
OneTouch $10/2 Ultramini meter (7/29/12)
OneTouch $4/1 Ultra Blue test strips 25ct (7/29/12)
P.F. Changs $1/1 Home Menu Spring Rolls or Dumpling (5/27/12)
Pedigree $1/1 dry food for dogs 3.5lb+ (6/10/12)
Pedigree $1/2 treats for dogs (6/10/12)
Pedigree B4G1 free canned food for dogs 13.2 or 22oz up to $1.25 (6/10/12)
Prell $1/1 shampoo (12/31/12)
Rimmel London $1/1 eye, nail or face product (6/15/12)
Rimmel London $1/1 mascara (6/15/12)
SimplyOne $2/1 multivitamin 30ct or 90ct (7/29/12)
Snuggle $.50/1 liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets (6/10/12)
Surf $1/1 laundry detergent (6/10/12)
Tabasco $.60/1 any size any flavor (6/10/12)
Wildwood/Emerald Valley Kitchen $.50/1 salsa or hummus product (6/30/12)
Zyrtec $4/1 product ets (5/31/12)
Zyrtec $7/1 24ct+ product (5/6/12)

4/29 Proctor & Gamble
Always $.50/1 Pads, Clean or Feminine Cleansing Cloth ets
Always $.50/1 Pantiliners 30ct+
Always $1/1 Infinity 12ct+ including Radiant Infinity
Bounty $.25/1 towels or napkins ets
Charmin $.25/1 product ets
Clairol $2/1 hair color box ets
Clairol $5/2 Natural Instincts hair color boxes ets
Covergirl $1/1 product ets
Crest $.25/1 Rinse 458mL+ ets
Crest $.25/1 toothpaste 4oz+ or liquid gel ets
Crest Save $5 on 3D White 2 Hour Express 4ct, Professional Effects 20ct or Intensive Professional Effects 7ct Whitestrips ets by MAIL IN REBATE 4/29/12-6/16/12
Downy/Gain $.50/1 Unstopables or Fireworks ets
Duracell $.50/1 CopperTop, Ultra Power, Ultra Photo Lithium or specialty batteries ets
Duracell $1.50/1 rechargeable batteries, charger or 6pk+ hearing aid batteries ets
Febreze $.50/1 Fabric Refresher spray ets
Febreze $.50/1 Noticeables refill ets
Febreze $.50/1 Set & Refresh ets
Febreze $1/1 candle ets
Febreze $1/1 car air freshener ets
Febreze Buy Noticeables refill, get warmer free up to $3.29
Fixodent $.75/1 cleanser ets
Fixodent $1/1 adhesive 1.05oz+ ets
Gillette $1/2 body washes ets
Gillette $1/2 deodorants ets
Gillette Buy Fusion ProGlide cartridge 4ct+, get $3 off Fusion ProGlide razor ets
Gillette Buy Mach3 cartridge 4ct+, get shave prep free ets up to $2.99
Iams $1/1 dry dog or cat food ets
Metamucil $1/1 Fiber Singles, Capsules or Wafers ets
Metamucil $1/1 product ets
Olay $3/2 facial moisturizers, facial cleansers or smooth finish facial hair removal duo ets
Oral-B $.50/1 Glide floss 35M+ or floss picks 30ct+ ets
Oral-B $.50/1 Pro-Health Clinical Pro-Flex toothbrush ets
Oral-B $1/1 replacement brush heads 3ct+ ets
Oral-B Save $10 on Pulsonic or Professional Care rechargeable toothbrush ets by MAIL IN REBATE 4/29/12-6/16/12
Pampers $1/2 bags or $1/1 box diapers or pants ets
Pantene B1G1 free product ets up to $4.99
Prilosec OTC $2/1 product
Puffs $.25/3 singles or $.25/1 3pk ets
Scope $.25/1 mouthwash 710mL+ ets
Secret $1/1 ets
Tampax $.50/1 18ct+
Tampax $1/1 Pearl, Pearl Compak or Radiant 16ct+
Tide $.35/1 to go ets
Tide $1.50/1 Stain Release 15034ct duo pac or 36-68oz liquid excludes PODS/trial
Tide/Downy/Bounce $.25/1 Tide, Downy, Bounce or Tide Stain Release excludes PODS/trial
Tide/Downy/Bounce $.50/2 Tide, Downy, Bounce or Tide Stain Release excludes PODS/trial
Tide/Downy/Bounce $1/3 Tide, Downy, Bounce or Tide Stain Release excludes PODS/trial
Venus $3/both 1 Venus & Olay ProSkin, Embrace, Breeze or Bikini razor AND 1 Venus refill excludes disposables/trial
Venus/Daisy $2/1 disposable razor ets

4/29 SmartSource Thanks Chris!
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