FREE: Domino’s Artisan Pizza – How to Redeem If Site is Down

If you got a FREE Artisan Pizza email from Domino’s Pizza by opting to “order later” and the site is down for you, then here’s how to order a pizza.

1. Go to your email.  If the site is down, then none of the images will load in the email.
2. Right click on one of the images (near the top) and copy the link.
3. Paste this link into an empty browser window, Notepad, or just about any application to view the full URL.
4. There should be a code in the URL that looks like: “s=ARTISANFB-_&” and your unique, one-time use coupon is everything after s= and before the &.
5. If you copy this code, then you can enter it on their site to get the FREE pizza after you add one to the cart and review the order.

Pizza for dinner!

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