FREE: $10 Credit to Vitacost = Get FREE Products w/ FREE Shipping – TODAY ONLY!

Vitacost is offering a FREE $10 credit.  You can also receive FREE shipping (TODAY ONLY) by adding a Vitamin D3 for $4.99! This means that you get it for FREE + buy $5.01 of stuff for FREE w/ FREE shipping!

1. Click here to sign up for Vitacost.
2. Once you create an account, you should see this message:

3. Your $10 credit coupon code will be emailed to the address you provided.
4. Click here to add a Vitamin D3 ($4.99) which will give you FREE shipping on your entire order.

5. Shop for $5.01 of FREE filler items (to get your total over $10) and enter the coupon code and it will deduct $10!
6. You can also add two FREE samples to each order here.

For more Freebies, click here.

Thanks Michelle!

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  1. Heads up! The $4.99 Vitamin D3 is no longer giving free shipping, even though it still states it on site, but of course the more expensive one is.

    1. same problem. the 18.99 D3 is the only one providing free shipping now
      any other lower price items doing that or??….

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