FREE: Brand New Windows Phone (No Contract) at Microsoft Store thru 4/5 – EXTENDED!

Microsoft Store is offering a BRAND NEW Windows Phone in their “Smoked by Windows Phone” promotion this week thru 3/29.  You will be able to swap any smartphone when you LOSE the challenge.

*** UPDATE 3/30 ****

The deal has officially been EXTENDED to April 5th by Microsoft; however, there are now a few minor changes which impact swaps in the 3/30 to 4/5 period:

  1. There are only one-hundred (100) phones available per store, per day.  After the 100 phones have been given away for the day, then the next 500 participants will not have the option to swap.  Instead they will simply get a $25 Gift Card.
  2. The Samsung FOCUS FLASH (Black) has been officially added to the phone list.
  3. Pre-paid phones are no longer eligible.

For more information:
Microsoft Smoked by Windows Phone Hunger Games Event Contest Official Rules

How to get the deal:

  1. Bring a cheap phone that has phone/data.
  2. Go to your local Microsoft Store and tell them you want to take the challenge.
  3. Lose the contest.
  4. Fill out recycling paperwork.
  5. Give them your cheap phone.
  6. Walk away with a BRAND NEW Windows phone with no contract!

Note: I’ve heard that the phone you have to bring them has to be a smartphone, no feature phones.  The phone you use for the challenge cannot be a Windows Mobile phone.  Not all stores may check if you have phone and data.  If you want to be sure, then I’d just pick up a cheap, unlocked GSM (e.g. T-Mobile) device and get on a prepaid unlimited everything plan, which is $2/day.

The FREE phones you can choose from:

  • AT&T: HTC Titan or Samsung Focus S or Samsung Focus Flash (added 3/30)
  • T-Mobile: HTC Radar or Nokia 710
  • Verizon: HTC Trophy

All of the above phones retail for $349 – $549 without contract.

Thanks dealwars!

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