FREE: $25 American Express Gift Card w/ Purchase of $25

American Express is offering a $25 American Express Gift Card for FREE when you purchase their Prepaid Card and load a minimum of $25 within 45 days of purchase (prior to April 30th).

American Express Giftcards

Link: FREE $25 American Express Gift Card Offer

Enter code AEPC25 in the ‘Promotion Code’ field.

American Express Giftcards

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Thanks Valci!

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  1. i am really thinking about doing this, but how do i know if it works? i was reading more into it and it almost made it sound like for a limited time they are offering a refund on your purchase of money pack. so is it limited to just $25? and can it be each card you got or limited to per household? any help would be great, thank you 🙂

    1. they’ve offered it in the past and i have gotten paid just fine. you can order up to 3 cards per purchaser, but each card you order has to be in a different name. 😀

      1. thank you SO much Shuriken!
        do you by any chance know how long the promo is running? i would not have the $ to do it till friday 🙁

  2. “Since you did not receive an email offering the $25 bonus, you are not eligible for this promotion.”

    This is what I was told AFTER I waited 6 weeks for my initial order of a $25 card finally arrived.

    Effe Ewe American Express! And with all of your call centers outside the United States of America (Hence, AMERICAN express) I’ll be using my 4 other AMEX accounts that I’ve had since the early 90’s on an emergency basis only.

    I cannot support a company that does not support it’s very own client base!

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