Rite Aid: Get Unlimited $20 +UP Winter Rewards w/ Load2Card 2/5 – 3/3

This deal is for those in Rite Aid Load2Card Wellness+ Program test area! This deal goes to show you that being a guinea pig can certainly have its advantages.

There’s a glitch right now where the $20 +UP Winter Rewards will come off an UNLIMITED number of times with your Rite Aid Wellness+ Card!  It will only come off once per transaction, but you can make multiple transactions and have it come off every time as long as your total is over $20.

1. The $20 +UP Winter Rewards seems to always come off FIRST (as long as your total is over $20) before any other +UP rewards that you may have earned on your card.

2. The +UP Rewards earned on your card act like a store coupon and absorb the tax even in a pre-coupon total tax state, which Washington state is.

This works in:

  • Richmond
  • Salt Lake City
  • Seattle

Note: Not sure when they will address and fix the mistake.

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  1. Did you try this and it worked for you? Also on your #1, do you mean if you spend over $20 then it’ll automatically apply or do we have to wait 24 hours to use it?

  2. When I check my load2card the day after, it never has all my UPS that I’ve earned. But when I do use it, it takes it off. I just earned my $20 UP yesterday and it doesnt show on my card and only on my receipt. Has anyone ever have this problem before? I’m in the test area so I’m wondering if its just a glitch in the system?

  3. Diane and Paulette: I had $15 in UPs on my card this morning as per my online account. In my first transaction today, $23 in UPs came off. (I have no record of $8 in missing UPs.) In four transactions today, I’ve had $45.50 in UPs come off. Furthermore, I started with $38 in winter rewards, earned my $20 in UPs for that as well as $7 in other UPs.(OOP = $3.51, $2.01 of that was tax.)

    1. MommmieD,

      were your 4 transactions all over $20 as to have the glitch UP come off (wondering why only $45.50)not closer to $80. Last night I opted out on 2 cards but I have 1 other that currently has the earned $20WR UP on it.. can I just go “shop” and do multiple $20+ transactions and hope it keeps coming off?? I wanted to PM you on L2C chat but always quietly lurked and am just learning my way around… appreciate your info as always.

  4. just tried this deal tonight. I had already accrued my $20 winter rewards and it got applied towards my first purchase of $26. Used up the $20 and $4 Up. Tried to do a second transaction, again for over $20 and it didnt recognize that I still had a $20 up avail. So I guess this deal didnt work for me?

    1. Interesting. Shuri was shopping with me and it didn’t work on his card either. It continued to work on both my card and my father’s card all evening. (Guess who borrowed my card???)

      1. Yes I did have my card with me 🙁 Even when I access my UPS online, they arent always showing correctly but when I use my card, they are cominf off like theyre suppose to. Do you know how it works if I return the items I’ve purchased since it had already used my UPS?

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