Walmart, Albertsons, & Safeway: Coupon Shopping Trip 2/12/12 – $43.46 Money Maker (107.5% Savings)

It was a HOT week for shopping at Albertsons with the Buy More Save More Catalina event! I knew the stores would get hard for that reason and rainchecks would be worthless so I was up bright and early on Sunday to shop!  When I added it all up: I GOT PAID $43.46 to take home $583.34 worth of goods for a total 107.5% savings!

I ended up scoring:

  • 53 x Breathe Right (2 ct.)
  • 2 x Nicorette Gum (20 ct.)
  • 3 x Schick ST2 Disposable Razors (10+2 ct.)
  • 1 x Opti-Free Pure Moist Multi-Purpose Solution (2 oz.)
  • 42 x Welch’s Grape Juice (64 oz.)
  • 18 x Super Chill Lemonade
  • 16 x Brawny Paper Towels
  • 5 x Dish Soap
  • 1 x Saran Wrap
  • 66 x StarKist Tuna Pouches
  • 11 x Mission Tortillas
  • 1 x Dulce de Leche Cheerios
  • 1 x Multi Grain Cheerios Peanut Butter
  • 2 x Fun da-Middles
  • 1 x Ocean Spray Fruit Snacks
  • 1 x Haribo Gummy Bears

With the money maker deals at Walmart, I made $30.88 cash back and that went to cover my $6.88 out-of-pocket at Albertsons and 10¢ out-of-pocket at Safeway.  Additionally, I’ll get a rebate in the mail for $11.56 from my Safeway purchases; I still have $3 in CAT coupons for Albertsons; and, I earned a $5 reward bonus!

My day started off bright and early at around 7am.  You can see in this picture that it’s still nearly pitch black outside; and, apparently the crows follow my site and decided to get an early start too:

I spent the morning working my way north, hitting the Albertsons stores and Starbucks along the way.  I had planned to have lunch with a friend in Lynnwood so it worked out perfectly.  During the day, I hit my 5,000 point shopping bonus and received a $5 bonus:

After lunch, I met up with a few local couponers at the 196th Albertsons and did a lot of shopping there.  The last stop of the day was Safeway where I bought stuff for the General Mills Try Me Free Rebate offer:

I paid just 10¢ and should get $11.56 back:

Yay for an awesome shopping day! 😀

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  1. So why didn’t you get the rest of the freebie items on that rebate? Soup, yogurt, frozen items?

    If anybody needs a rebate form for the General Mills TRY ME FREE offer, I still have some extras I can share.

  2. well I didnt get as much as you but I did get 8 welches.. 8 tuna
    they were out of the mission torts someone beat me to those lol but I got some planters nutrition bars with $1 off coupons and dblers.. that were in one of the ss this month and they are 2/5 printing a $1 cat after purchasing 2 and 10 bags of kettle chips 2 milkbone dog bones…all free with dblers and coupons thanks shuri.. and some lemonade about 50 of those throughout the last cple weeks..Just the grape juice and chips are 54 bucks thanks again for all the match ups you post !!

  3. if you still have the $2 dollar off coupon that expires tomorrow for delimex rolled tacos if you like these I used my 10 cat from safeway for these
    they have the 60 count box yes 60 count on sale at safeway for buy 2 pay 7.99 each use 2 of the 2 dollar off coupons pay
    11.98 for 2 boxes or 1.98 because I had the ten buck cat from safeway.. great for poker parties!!

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