Walmart: shuriken’s A-List Coupons & Deals 12/31 – Last Day of 2011!

What is shuriken’s A-List?

shuriken’s A-List is a compilation of the BEST weekly deals and coupon match-ups for various drugstore and grocery store chains in the country.  All deals are FREE, a money maker, or very good; and, hand-picked by shuriken himself.

Here’s a compilation of FREE or money maker items at Walmart:

* Make sure that the $2/1 coupons that you use for the Tide do not state “Excludes Trial Size.”  For example, the coupons mailed out from the Facebook promotion DO NOT state this exclusion and would be perfectly okay to use on the single load packs of Tide.  However, be warned: these coupons beep.

I only purchased just a handful of the items from the list above and ended up making $88.96 cash back earlier today.

Good luck and happy hunting/shopping to you all!  Have a prosperous New Year and here’s to lots of freebies and money maker deals at Walmart!

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  1. I see that you got duck or duct tape with the coupon that specifies “packaging tape”. Did that beep? I could really use some duct style 🙂

    1. no, it didn’t. wasn’t even aware that the coupon was specific to “packaging tape” and feel silly after telling people not to confuse “duck” with “duct” in my op. lol 😀

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