USO: FREE 20 oz. Bottle of Coke 12/16 + 12/17 w/ Printable Coupon

The USO and Coca-Cola are offering a FREE 20 oz. Coke w/ PRINTABLE coupon.  Head over to a military base on December 16-17, 2011 to redeem your coupon for a complimentary 20 oz. bottle of Coke.  Coupons valid only at military exchanges and commissaries.

Link: FREE 20 oz. Bottle of Coke (Printable Coupon)

Note: The commissary may not accept this coupon since it’s their policy not to accept printable coupons for FREE items; however, the exchange will most likely take these.

For more information, visit: Enjoy a FREE Coca-Cola from the USO this holiday season.

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  1. Yeah, if only it was that easy. Granted, I can do this cause I am military but with how anal they are about checking my ID even when I am in uniform, I highly doubt anyone who isn’t supposed to buy from the PX or commissary will be able to do this. PX and commissaries check IDs especially on posts that civilians are allowed to access.

    Haha, like can you even get on Lewis since you are from that area? Lewis wouldn’t even let on some of us this summer because we didn’t have our military IDs but had orders and civilian IDs.

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