Holiday Shopping Trip 12/10/11 – Coupons and Deals to Get Gifts for FREE or Next to Nothing

With the holidays coming up and wallets still tight with relative dollar weakness and commodities prices on the rise, everyone is scrambling to find the best deals for the least out-of-pocket (OOP).  My goal and what I feel is the core competency of my site is: to bring you a handful of the best deals, products at the prices I would buy personally, to help you get the most bang for your buck.  Spend a few minutes each day reading my site to cut your spending by getting products for FREE or next to nothing–or even GET PAID TO SHOP!

Here’s my haul from today showing you just a few of the deals I’ve posted:

  • 6 x Crayola Items at Toys “R” Us – Picked Orders from Store #1 (Posted here) OOP = $2.82
  • 4 x FREE 12 pk. Coupons from My Coke Rewards (Posted here and here) OOP = FREE (8 @ 30 pts and 16 @ 12 pts)
  • 1 x NASA Tech Briefs December 2011 Magazine OOP = FREE
  • 1 x Maker’s Mark Bottle Sweater from Ambassador Program (Sign up here) OOP = FREE 
  • 1 x Money (Coupons?) Clip from DailySteals (Posted here) OOP = FREE
  • 1 x Bag of Skittles Blenders at Fred Meyer [Kroger] (Posted here) OOP = 4¢
  • 2 x $10 Victoria’s Secret Reward Gift Card Certificates (Posted here) OOP = FREE
  • 2 x brainstrong Toddler DHA Omega-3 Supplements, 30 ct. (Posted hereOOP = $1.31, FREE (paid tax)

Walgreens: FREE brainstrong DHA Omega-3 Toddler Vitamins

This deal is still available and is an easy FREE item that anyone can do!  Whether you have kids of your own; buying them to donate; or, you’re like me, buying for my nephew, then: you should get out and do it!  All you need to do is find a store with the product in-stock and find the coupons (both found in the store).  I’ve provided a picture below to show you what the booklets and coupons look like!

Coupons: Cellfire FREE 55¢ or $3 off ANY Purchase Replacement Coupon

Coupons like this are convenient!  A few clicks with the mouse (no printing or clipping involved) and you’ve got coupons that automatically deduct when you scan your store rewards card.  Just to illustrate how powerful loadable coupons can be (and because I was craving sweets) I used my 55¢ off ANYTHING coupon on a 59¢ pack of Skittles, ultimately paying only for it!

If you aren’t signed up for Cellfire yet, then click here to get it set up for future promotions!

Lastly, I wanted to share the FREEBIE money clip (doubles as a coupon clip) I received from DailySteals, one of the many daily deals sites that I follow.  A lot of these sites will frequently post FREE items w/ FREE shipping to raise awareness and you too can receive one simply for a “Like” on Facebook and completing an order form.  I will post any and all FREE items like this so be sure to check back daily (as the term might suggest, these deals and offers are, in fact, only available that day).

Remember that I (shuriken from appreciate all of my fans and visitors on the site.  In an effort to help a few of you have a brighter holidays, I frequently partner with other blogs to bring you giveaways!  There are two (or click here view all) currently “open” and you can enter them by following the links below:

Thanks to everyone and I hope the deals that I post help out!

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