Walmart: Tide Money Maker (MM) $590.28 Cash Back! [Day 2] w/ $300 in Safeway Rewards!

It was about a week ago that I posted about my first Tide trip (found here) where I made $271.04 cash back.  Well, my second order came in at a different store and I made over double last trip with total cash back of $590.28.  Best of all, there was an amazing deal at Safeway too where I made an additional $300 in rewards!


Getting PAID TO SHOP is awesome!  Zero OOP transactions and non-cash money makers time and time over got boring so it’s great to have a new challenge!  I’m inching closer to my goal of having a $1200 cash back month so I can do all of my holiday shopping FREE.

Here was my day:

Ended up starting the day off with a Walmart trip after I received word that an order had come in for me.  I didn’t expect them to get so many at once, but they had 26 cases of 24 packs waiting for when my friend and I arrived.  It took us over two hours, but for $590.28 it was worth it!

The math:

Buy: 624 x Tide Liquid Detergent (Single Load) 97¢ = $605.28
and 18 x Floss Floss (Assorted Flavors, 55 yds.) 97¢* = $17.46
and 2 x Dr. Pepper TEN Soda (2 Liters) $1.00 = $2.00
Tax of 9.2% on $624.74 of Taxable Purchases = + $57.48
Grand Total of All Purchase Before Coupons = $682.22
Use: 624 x $2/1 Tide Detergent (10/30 P&G) = – $1248.00
and 9 x $2.50/2 Listerine, Reach, et al. (4/17 SS) = – $22.50
and 2 x FREE 2 Litre Dr. Pepper TEN (10/8 SS) = – $2.00
Final Price: FREE + $590.28 money maker (186.52% Savings)

* Noticed the price on these went up in my area: 88¢ →97¢ (↑ 9¢).

This is a cumulative total showing the math for all of the transactions.  Yes, the Tide coupons do state: “LIMIT OF 4 LIKE COUPONS in same shopping trip,” but you are free to make as many “trips” as you want.  The coupon does not indicate any limit per person, per day, etc.

After finishing up at Walmart, we went to Café Soleil in Mukilteo for a late lunch.  I’m generally a harsh critic of Japanese restaurants since I was born and raised in Japan for seven years, but this restaurant was amazing!

I ordered the omurice (omelette rice) with a side of fried prawns and my friend ordered the Hamburg steak with a side of pork katsu.  I loved their attention to detail: the egg for the omurice was very light and fluffy; the hayashi demi-glace was rich and flavorful; the katsu and fried prawns were crisp and had the perfect texture; and, even the salad dressing with a sweet mustard added to it was unique and exquisite. If you’re in a Seattle area, then you definitely need to check this restaurant out!

Our next stops were at Safeway where we hunted for the $2.99 Keurig Platinum B70s and worked the gift card/CAT promotion deal.  We didn’t have any luck finding the clearance Keurig units, but we did net $300 in rewards at Safeway!

The math:

Buy: 1 x Safeway $50 Gift Card
and 1 x Safeway $25 Gift Card
Pay: $75 (pay w/ previous gift cards), Receive: $10 Rewards CAT
Final Price: FREE + $10 money maker

We did the above scenario thirty (30) times so ended up with $300 in rewards and still have $75 in gift cards (500% savings).

After that, we went to the Root Beer Store that just opened several days ago in Lynnwood and ended up purchasing a few bottles.  They had quite a selection and lots of drinks to choose from!

There was a Walgreens nearby so we ended up going there and got four (4) more FREE Ice Breakers Frost mints.  The woman that was there gave me an attitude, but we ended up getting them in the end.

Lastly, we went to an Albertsons to score FREE T.G.I Friday’s Single Serve Meals and Entrées.  They weren’t a money maker since we didn’t have any Twice the Value double coupons with us, but with the CAT that prints out: we got 16 packages for FREE!

Buy: 4 x T.G.I. Friday’s Single Serve Meals and Entrées $8.00
Use: $1/1 T.G.I. Friday’s Entrées For One (10/23 SS)
Pay: $4.00 (pay w/ previous CAT), Receive: $4 CAT
Final Price: FREE (100% Savings)


Q: Where do you get all of your coupons?
A: Read about it here.  No, I don’t steal papers (I know that some people do this) and that speculation is nonsense since I get my inserts before papers even come out.

Q: Is cash back allowed?
A: Yes, it is Walmart’s policy to allow this.  If your store tells you otherwise, then I recommend calling 1-800-WAL-MART to file a complaint with their corporate office.

Q: Walmart told me that Tide will not pay them back for the coupons.  Will they?
A: Yes, Tide has stated this many times on their Facebook.  Read more about it here.

Q: How do you order?
A: Talk to one of the managers at Walmart and let them know you want to order a bulk quantity.  That doesn’t mean they will or they have to take your order, but most stores will accommodate since it means more revenue for them.

Q: How many coupons will they accept?
A: In addition to cash back, Walmart’s policy also states that they will take unlimited coupons.  However, some coupons do state exclusions such as: “four per shopping trip,” “one person person,” etc. so just follow the guidelines (ask a manager) and don’t get mad if your store wants you to enter/exit the store to constitute a “shopping trip.”  I’ve had to do this many times at Albertsons too (when their Twice the Value double coupons stated exclusions) and that is a part of realistic, extreme couponing.

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  1. Great Trip. I have called corporate on my Walmart several times. Never getting a response. Our Walmart will not take more than 2 like coupons and will not take competitors coupons. Seems Corporate doesn’t care. Time to move out of this podunk town!
    One day I willbe free to shop like you! LOL.


    1. Keep calling the 800 number and make sure you leave your contact info. After they receive so many calls from the same person about the same issue, they ‘escalate’ your complaint and someone other than the customer service operator.

      Also the only thing that an individual store has say over is who their competitors are. I would go in and talk to a manager and see who they consider their ‘competition’. And make sure that you are using the correct kind of competitors coupons, that state the exact price of the item, not just a dollar/cents off competitor coupon. If you are doing all things correctly, then make sure to keep calling and raising bloody hell with them. 🙂

  2. Shuriken, I don’t know how you do it. How do you have the balls to just say “yeah, I’m using 624 coupons right now, and you’re going to let me plus pay me money to walk out of here with this”. I could NEVER do it. I just am in awe of you and your trips! Wow.

    1. I don’t have to say anything. The cashiers and managers know that the policy allows for cash back and they aren’t going to lie to me about it and tell me that it says otherwise. They know they benefit from coupons because they get paid back for each one and that is only helping out the bottom-line for the store and Walmart. 😀

  3. Can you give me an example of what to say when I use the tide coupon? I have been trying to use it since the $1.00 off coupon but they wouldn’t allow it. The CSM said we have to purchase what is shown on the picture because computer won’t accept the coupon. They also went on to say that they can not manually punch in the coupon amount since I am not getting the correct product for the coupon. I know it is probably stupid but I sometimes don’t know what to say after they say that thinking “Who am I to tell them how things should be done.” I just don’t know how to talk to them. How do you do it? What do you say? What would you have said if you we in that situation or if you called corporate?

    I appreciate your help so much. Thanks

  4. I was just wondering? How does your walmart give you money back? Is it due to the where it’s located, meaning the state, because from what I know my doesn’t give money… I’ve been really wanting to try a smaller level of what you have done but I don’t know if I am able to. Thanks!

  5. Our WALMART actually reads the coupon where it clearly states “LIMIT 4 LIKE COUPONS PER SHOPPING TRIP” some how I find it suspect that you visited WALMART 156 times in one day to make this deal WORK!!!

  6. my Walmart wouldn’t even take that coupon for the travel size tide…said that tide will not honor it since they are not the ones that distribute that item. Has there been a change and if so where can I find the info to print off to take with me?

  7. Which insert was the Tide coupon that you used found in? I want to benefit from this amazing deal if I still have a chance! I will travel if I need to! Help please! You are great at what you do. I’m inspired to save more !

  8. Hi, I LOVE your site! I found it because you had left me a comment on my site. I love couponing and I love to help others save money, but you are the QUEEN! Thank you for sharing all of your deals and thanks for leaving me a comment, I love your site. I have been reading a lot of your posts, but I cant figure out how you got 624 tide coupons? Could you please tell me? I mean I know you can get family and friends to give you some, but how can you get so many? And you also say you get the inserts before you get the sunday paper, how is that possible. Thank you for any feedback you can leave me. I would love to keep in contact, please email me when you are free.
    Thank you!
    Mother of 4 beautiful girls, 6 year old and 4 year old triplets

  9. so walmart told me today that tide had a press release AGAIN on the 13th saying that they wont pay for the travel size. was pretty annoyed, only have about 10 coupons left, but was still disappointing.

      1. that’s what i was asking, but the guy on the phone (1800-walmart) said that’s what the head office gave them. (i guess to say to us when we called)

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