Walmart: Tide Money Maker (MM) $271.04 Cash Back! [Day 1]

Extreme Couponing with shuriken was one of the first coupon sites to post the Walmart money maker Tide deal, found here, and now I want to show you my first trip where I received $271.04 cash back!


I’m a firm believer in walking the walk and will never post a deal on my site that I don’t think is good.  I will soon be adding a gallery to my page where you will be able to see my shopping trip and scores to show you: I am a shopper first, a blogger second.

The mission of is to help shoppers learn to use coupons to maximize their savings and even GET PAID to shop!  It is a FREE online community dedicated to helping couponers shop; and, couponers of all levels and backgrounds are welcome.

I encourage your comments and feedback so please share them with me.

The math:

Buy: 289 x Tide Liquid Detergent (Single Load) 97¢ = $280.33
Tax of 9.5% on $280.33 of Taxable Purchases = + $26.63
Use: 289 x $2/1 Tide Detergent (10/30 P&G) = – $578.00
Final Price: FREE + $271.04 money maker

This is a cumulative total showing the math for all of the transactions.  Yes, the coupons do state: “LIMIT OF 4 LIKE COUPONS in same shopping trip,” but you are free to make as many “trips” as you want.  The coupon does not indicate any limit per person, per day, etc.

Ended up shattering the old record for biggest MM run by about $40:

Note: The picture above showing the $234.48 cash back transaction was a trip I did a couple months ago in August.  The item being purchased were J&J first aid kits and the coupons being used were $3/2 J&J Red Cross product coupons.

If you haven’t been following the controversy, remember that Tide said that stores WOULD get reimbursed for each and every coupon!  If there’s any confusion, you may want to read more about it: 10/30 Update and 10/31 Update.  Feel free to print out those pages for reference!

Keep in mind that even though Tide has cleared the confusion regarding this coupon, they will still beep on the single-load, trial size packets of Tide.  This DOES NOT mean you’re doing anything wrong or using the coupon incorrectly–it has to do with how the product and coupon have mismatch manufacturer’s codes.

Can’t wait to see if I can hit my goal of $1,200 cash back this month to help with Black Friday and holiday shopping!

Looking forward to sharing deals like these with my readers and I hope everyone gets their share of Tide deals this month!

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  1. you are just luck to get all those coupons for free. other ppl have to buy the paper to get the coupon. so no money maker there if you buy the paper.

  2. I have been couponing since April and the one question I can never get answered is…How do you get sooooo many coupons. I want a large number of coupons each week and can’t figure this out. Unless you order and pay for them. Please help and congrats on your MM trip.

    1. the place to start is friends and family. having coffee shops, nursing home, etc. save you inserts is good too. just return the favor and drop off care packages with stuff they can use that you’ve couponed for.

  3. I hope that when you guys are doing this you are placing special orders for these. Otherwise it’s kind-of a ***** move clearing the shelves. Trial size or not, it’s aggravating when people buy 200+ w/out special ordering. I’m all for making a buck, but do it while being considerate. You wait an extra week for you $200+ moneymaker, so what? You still get the money & someone going out of town gets their trial size Tide.
    (I’m not talking specifically about the blogger bc to get that much they probably HAD to do a special order, I’m talking more about the person who said “waiting on restock”.)

    1. i pre-ordered 300 initially and it was done a week before the coupon came out, before most people knew about it. i’ve ordered 1000 more and advised the store to order excess for the shelves.

  4. How you convince the manager to take all in one transaction when it says on the coupon “4 like coupons per shopping trip”

    1. i follow the guidelines of the coupon and as i’ve stated many times, i really have no problem exiting the store and reentering if that is what it takes. i’ve done it plenty of times before albertsons did away with the three doublers per transaction, three transactions/sets per shopping trip. 😀

    1. if you’re gonna ask questions: get the facts straight. when did i say i used them all at one time? never. additionally, the coupons state “limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip” and doesn’t pertain to “transactions.” it’s simple really: exit the store, come back in the store.

  5. Simply Amazing… I have got to find a local sources for P&G Inserts… My fiance works in the Pharmacy in one of the hospitals but can only get about 5-10 of em and I need more…

  6. Wait… I can get money back? I always buy stuff so my total is almost free… I never thought I could walk out the store with cash!!!

  7. Show your receipts!!!!!!!!

    Because, although I love ya, Shuri, I reeeeeeeeallllly don’t think you have 72 separate receipts with 4 Q’s on each.

    Come on, now!

    1. lol, you do what it takes. i went to walmart the other day and had to do 10 different transactions. (know it’s not close to 72, but still)

  8. How did you buy all of those in one trip when the coupons specifically states no more then 4 in one transaction? I know for a fact, since I use to work for P&G, that Walmart will not get reimbursed from P&G if there are more then 4 in a transaction. Walmart has to turn in register information with each coupon. Plus your receipt shows $3 coupons and the coupon was clearly for $2. Nothing like being a shelf clearer. Read Tides Facebook page. They do not put out the individual size and the stores can reject the coupon. I have been to 3 Walmarts that will not take them. Thanks for ruining this for everyone else. Not a great example.

    1. You are so very wrong I DO work for P&G and my kids do work in retail one at Target one at Walmart and guess what the register tapes doNOT get sent in with the coupons the coupons go in bulk with no register log you are so wrong!!!!!

  9. Way to go Shuri. I had the same J&J coupons (740) and got a lot of overage and HAD (donated most of them)a lot of first aid kits to a few organizations. Great job!!!

  10. I thought walmart wasn’t taking those coupons for the trial size of tide? That is a joke! Can you really call in advance to order that many. What is the secret???????????????????????

  11. I think it’s awesome that you can walk into a store, buy copious amounts of laundry detergent, and leave with more money than you walked in with. For those that think this is ‘ruining it for everyone else’… it’s not the customers responsibility to educate cashiers on their stores coupon policy. If they want to accept 500 coupons with a clearly stated limit of 4 then it’s on them. I’m all about making money/getting things for free, so keep up the good work!!

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